This ongoing  collection of woven blankets focuses on the endangeredand extinct animals of Kazakhstan and features a range of original illustrated creatures by Aigerim Lesidris.
This limited collection serves as a reminder that we should love and value what surrounds us, be inspired by the beauty and freedom of wild animals, and avoid repeating tragic mistakes that annihilated Balkash Lake tigers among others.

This project "Extinct and Endangered " has been shortlisted by the World of Illustration awards in 2020.
"Arguably still in 2 dimensions created in the age-old traditional style for a wall hanging, this illustration shows just that you can bring your comment to a physical space. In Lesidris’ case the work intends to pay tribute to endangered or extinct animals in her native Kazakhstan and to offer a better way to have an animal’s image on the wall rather than it’s real skin or stuffed body. The original illustration was created digitally and then translated into sustainably woven blankets, making it a mobile statement that can travel to any space." - Curated Highlights: Beyond ‘Flat’ Images, World Illustration Awards 2020.